Here at Elite bridal we have a Fantastic team of experienced Seamstresses and designers who will ensure your gown is the perfect fit. All of our seamstresses work in house so we can ensure the very best quality to our customers.


To take up your gown at the front only

5-8 layers of tulle, organza or taffeta


Lace hem


Lace beaded hem


To take up your gown all the way round

5-8 layers of tulle, organza or taffeta


Lace hem


To remove your train





To take in your gown

Tulle, satin or taffeta, bust only


Tulle, satin or taffeta, bust to waist


Tulle, satin or taffeta, bust to hip


Lace or beaded gown, bust only


Lace or beaded gown, bust to waist


Lace or beaded gown, bust to hip


To let out your gown

Waist to hip


Bust to waist


Bust to hip


To add a bustle


To add a belt


Remove underskirt fabric


To convert your gown to a corset back

Price dependent on gown


To attach or adjust straps

Adjust tulle, satin, organza or taffeta


Adjust lace and/or beaded


Create and attach new straps (not inc. fabric)


To add buttons to your hem


To add bust cups


To add a layer of sparkle

Not inc. fabric


Inc. fabric (not possible for all gowns)


To make adjustments to a jacket


To alter a flower girl dress

Taking in


Taking up


Adding a layer of sparkle (inc. fabric)


Strap adjustment


To alter a bridesmaid dress

Taking in, bust to waist


Taking up at the front


Taking up all the way round


Strap adjustment



This guide, along with any estimations given by our bridal advisors during your appointments, are to give you a rough idea of the prices you can expect for your alterations. Prices will vary dependent on your individual requirements.


If you know you’d like specific alterations made which aren’t listed here, for example the addition of sleeves to your gown, please discuss this with your bridal advisor.


You will be provided with a firm quote by one of our fully qualified and knowledgeable seamstresses at your alterations appointment.


When should I book my first fitting?

We always recommend our brides allow 12 weeks for alterations before their wedding. We would advise calling 3-6 months prior to your wedding to book in the fitting as our diary’s do fill up quickly.

If your weight is likely to change drastically within that timeframe – for example if you’re expecting a baby or planning on loosing weight, we would advise letting us know as a fitting closer to the day can be booked however rush fees are payable 2-8 weeks before your big day.

We’re usually able to book last-minute appointments at an additional cost, to give you more accurate measurements and make sure your gown fits perfectly on the day.

Rush charges ( if you require sooner this will be quoted to you on the day)


Wedding gown rush price

– 2-4 Weeks £95
– 4-6 Weeks £85
– 6-8 Weeks £75

Bridesmaid rush price

– 2-4 weeks £60
– 4-6 weeks £40
– 6-8 Weeks £20

How do I book?

Our dedicated seamstresses work certain hours which may vary, so you should contact the boutique where you purchased your gown to book these appointments.

We recommend making your booking around 3 months in advance where possible, to make sure our seamstresses have availability. Our diary for alterations can get incredibly busy, and we would never want you to miss out!

Who will perform my alterations?

Here at Elite Bridal we have our own amazing seamstresses who can complete all your alterations in-house.

However, we do appreciate that many customers are only available during evenings and weekends – therefore we have a list of external local seamstresses who you can visit at your leisure. Please be aware that independent seamstresses will be completely separate from Elite Bridal, so we’d recommend you get a written quotation before any work is commenced.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We will always do our best to accommodate you, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee an alternative appointment will be available if you need to cancel your slot for any reason.

If you fail to attend a prearranged alterations appointment without giving 24 hours’ notice via email, your appointment will be permanently removed from our diary. If you’re not able to attend, please contact your Elite Bridal boutique and let them know as early as possible, so we can do our best to find you another slot.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring your wedding shoes – a little heel makes a lot of difference! – as well as any undergarments you’ll be wearing with your dress, including a hoop if you have one.

What if my shape has changed a lot?

First of all, don’t panic! Our seamstresses are very skilled at alterating each of our gowns up or down a few sizes to work with your new shape – you won’t even be able to tell the alterations have been made.

While we don’t do refunds or exchanges, if your weight has changed more than expected when it comes to your fitting, we can sometimes swap your gown for a different size for a restocking fee of £75.

I'm interested in alterations that aren't listed here...

If you’re interested in bespoke alterations which aren’t listed in our price guide, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not possible.

We don’t want you to walk down the aisle in anything less than your dream dress. So whatever you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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