Congratulations to Ruth Williams, who has won her dream dress with Elite Bridal!


Throughout the lockdown we’ve been asking you to nominate deserving brides-to-be to win their dream wedding dress from Elite Bridal, as a thank you for all they’ve been doing during in their local community and beyond.



Over the last week we’ve been going through hundreds of nominations from loving friends and family, nominating loved ones who’ve gone above and beyond over the last few months to make the world a better place – in so many different ways.


Lots of our nominees have been working on the front lines during the Covid-19 outbreak, in hospital wards and ambulances.  Many have devoted time to helping vulnerable people in their local community – often despite going through tough times themselves.



Our wonderful winner, Ruth, was one of the nominees who immediately caught the eye of everyone on the Elite Bridal team.  She was one of the first brides-to-be to receive nominations, and so many people wanted to thank her for her amazing work that our

nomination posts were soon filling up with her name!


Here are just some of the nominations Ruth received:


“During this very difficult time, Ruth has gone above and beyond to help her local community.  She’s contacted those most vulnerable to offer them assistance in any way she can, even if it’s just someone to chat to on the telephone so they don’t feel so alone.  She also regularly takes essential groceries to those who have been directed to self-isolate due to Covid-19.  Ruth is now returning to work from what has been a very challenging maternity leave to work on the front line as a nursing sister.  She will care for those patients significantly affected by Covid-19, and she will nurse these patients with her usual high level of care and compassion despite the overwhelming fear that she or her beautiful family may become ill as a direct result of her job.” – Helen Hepton


“Ruth has returned from maternity leave to such uncertainty, working on the front line as an NHS nurse to care for the most vulnerable people with Covid-19.  She has sacrificed seeing her family to keep them safe, and she deserves this so much.” – Sammy-Jo Waugh


“My friend and hard-working colleague deerves this so much.  She and her fiancé marry later this year.  They have just had their miracle baby girl, and now Ruth returns to work on the frontline of the NHS, as a nurse working in the heart of the Covid battle.  No-one deserves this more than her.” – Sarah White


Ruth even received nominations from other wonderful nominees, having read the comments on our posts.  Gemma Williamson, who had also been tagged and nominated, said, “I don’t personally know Ruth and I’m a bride-to-be myself, but I’ve looked at all the comments and personally think she deserves this.  I hope you win, Ruth – stay safe!”



We loved reading every single nomination, and it really spread more positivity during the uncertainty of lockdown – both among our team and among other brides-to-be who follow our page.


There were so many stories we found it almost impossible to choose just one winner, which is why we’ve decided to give all brides who were nominated 10% off their dream dress too.


Please drop us a message from the account you were nominated on, sharing the post on which you were nominated, and we will send you your 10% voucher!  (Please note that, as with all our vouchers, this can’t be applied to a purchase retrospectively or in conjunction with another deal, discount, deposit or credit note.)


Thank you so much to every single person who made a nomination and helped us celebrate these amazing brides-to-be – and thank you even more to all those who were nominated for all the amazing ways they’ve supported their communities throughout lockdown.



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