House of Mirelle Dress from Hull found in Australia

A Wedding Dress owned and worn by a bride from Hull in the 50’s has been found in a charity shop 9,375 miles away in Australia.

The wedding dress was the design of House of Mirelle, the prominent fashion house based in Hull city centre for 40 years during the 20th century. The Albion Street fashion house produced stunning wedding dresses right up until 1970 and somehow, presumably after an emigration to Australia, one of their dresses has been found in the western suburbs of Perth.

The owner is 71-year-old Jo Moore, a charity shop volunteer, who found the dress is a horrendous state. She decided to take the dress home and wash it, then publish it online to find out more about its origins.

In a fortune of events, Jo came across Carrie Hendseron, a London journalist who is currently writing a book about the House of Mirelle and it’s history in the city of Hull. With Hull also winning the UK City of Culture for 2017, Carrie hopes her book will add some history to the already fascinating city.

This wedding dress designed and manufactured in Hull ending up in Perth, Australia is a fantastic sub-story to the House of Mirelle story. Carrie has also created a Facebook page to try and locate the original owners of the dress or any family members to get the full story on the dress.

After the second world war, people could migrate from Hull to Australia for £10 with the “Ten Pound Poms” offer. This is the most likely cause of the dress ending up in Perth but confirmation would conclude the story.

At Elite Bridal Outlets we hope the couple may have even got married on the ship, but who knows, we hope to find out the truth one day.

To read more about the article from the Hull Daily Mail, click here.