Worried about storing your gown between now and your wedding date?  Here are our top tips!

Whether you’re one of the beautiful brides who have unfortunately had to postpone their wedding due to the Covid-19 outbreak, or you’ve just got a while to wait until you walk down the aisle, we know you might be worried about making sure your dress is stored correctly.

Follow our simple guidelines, and make sure your gorgeous gown makes it all the way to your big day in pristine condition.


1.  Purchase one of our Elite Bridal bags

We sell light, breathable bridal bags in all our boutiques for £20, and they’re the perfect way to keep you dress away from moisture, dust and light, which might cause damage.

If you didn’t purchase a bridal bag when you first bought your gown with us, it’s likely we gave you a plastic covering to keep your dress safe on the journey home.  We don’t recommend this for long-term storage.

wedding dress in box

2.  Line a bridal box with acid-proof paper

If you’re after a nicer or more compact way of storing your gown, we also sell beautiful bridal boxes.  We recommend lining these with acid-proof paper to make sure the delicate material is kept safe from moisture.  In our boutiques, bridal boxes start at £45.

wedding dress in box

3.  Don’t store your gown near a window or radiator

Sunlight and heat are both things that could lead to damage or discolouration of your gown over time.  We recommend storing your gown in a cool wardrobe, ideally away from the prying eyes of our spouse-to-be!

wedding dress photoshoot

4.  Have your gown pressed and steamed again before the big day

You’ll get a complementary press and steam for your gown if you have your alterations done with us.  If you don’t use our in-house alterations service, we’re happy to press and steam your Elite Bridal gown for a £25 fee.

If you had your alterations done then your wedding was unfortunately postponed, don’t worry – we will offer to steam and press your gown again free of charge before the big day, to make sure it’s in pristine shape and worthy to walk the aisle.


5.  We’re offering long-term storage for brides affected by Covid-19

If your wedding has been postponed due to Covid-19, we appreciate you might not have planned for storing your gown at home – which is why we’re offering long-term storage of your gown.  That will be £100 for a full year, or we can work this out month by month if you want to store your gown for a shorter or longer period of time.

Unfortunately we can’t offer this for free or to every bride, due to the number of brides we serve and the number of gowns we store on a regular basis.

Once you’ve paid for storage, your gown will be insured on our premises.