AO Advert Filmed at Elite Bridal Outlets

Elite Bridal Outlets were invited to host the latest advert for online appliance giants at our Castleford store. After already having ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ at our Castleford store, we felt confident having another TV production company in to show off our amazing wedding dresses.

After having ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ film an episode in our Castleford outlet, we experienced what it was like to have a TV production company in-store and witnessed how they create the episodes. So when the ad team turned up to film AO’s latest advert, we thought we knew what we would be in for. How wrong we were.

The sheer number of people to coordinate the advert was astonishing. There seemed to be someone for every single role: hair/makeup, lighting technician, sound technician, video producer, filming director and the list goes on. All for a few seconds filming. Even though our outlet in Castleford is of considerable size, having 30+ people with all the filming equipment quickly took up most of the floor space.

It is evident why were chosen for this advert, because of the size of our store. Most other stores wouldn’t be able to accommodate the amount of people and equipment needed for a professional TV advert.

It was amazing to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ of filming a TV ad to be broadcasted across all major networks at peak times in the UK. We hope we are invited to do another advert at our brand new flagship store in Huddersfield.

As a growing business in Yorkshire, it was also good for our exposure to see our store on the advert and one of our brand new styles. The ‘bride to be’ in the advert was wearing a princess cut, tulle wedding dress with an embellished bodice and illusion neckline. This bridal gown has stunning icicle effect glistening beads, perfect for a winter wedding or extra effect on your special day. Click here to see more about this brand new style at Elite Bridal Outlets.

Watch the video below to see behind the scenes footage of the advert as well as the actual advert to go live on TV by

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