Bride Discovers Wedding Venue is Pokemon Hotspot

It seems impossible to escape the PokemonGo craze at the moment as it has completely swept the nation. It is entertaining not only young children and teenagers, but many adults too. Seemingly, everyone loves Pokemon, no more so than husband of bride Elizabeth Corps.

He was in for a surprise when the venue for their wedding, the Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, turned out to be a poke gym. This is a place where gamers go and declare battle with fellow players.

After already breaking records for been the most downloaded app in it’s first week ever topping over 15 million downloads, it is safe to assume the location based app was always going to conflict with a wedding venue sooner or later.

The app creates ‘PokeStops’, points of interest such as museums, churches and halls, where players can find Pokemon and also battle with fellow players. It seems the game developers chose the Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham as a location for a PokeStop and gym, much to the delight of the guests.

As the guests quickly learned that the wedding venue was an important Pokemon location, they started to catch the virtual creatures and commence battles with one another. This even continued during the wedding service as the picture above shows. The app works by superimposing the virtual creatures over the real-life image through the camera showing Pokemon that are available to catch.

Elite bridal outlets are yet to investigate our 3 bridal outlets in Hull, Castleford & Huddersfield. They could be hotspots. Unfortunately we haven’t had crowds of people wondering in to our outlets glued to their phones yet. There could be a rare virtual creatures lurking between the dress rails.

Whilst we at Elite haven’t quite caught on to the Pokemon craze we do endorse the physical exercise involved. If it gets these kids out of the house and walking around, it can’t be too bad. Although there have been reports of Pokemon related injuries due to the nature of the game.

It has been reported that many injuries can be sustained whilst playing the game. Walking around looking down at your phone and paying no attention to anything around you does seen very dangerous.

This article talks about death by PokemonGo which hopefully will be for the very unlucky few.

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