Double trouble

Recently we got to dress two amazing brides for one gorgeous ceremony.  We chatted to Rebecca & Gemma about their beautiful wedding, their Elite Bridal experience… and just how close they came to choosing the same dress!

Why did you choose to come to Elite Bridal?


“I wanted to come to Elite Bridal because friends had recommended it to us.  I also wanted to look at a wider range of dresses, and they had that.”


“Elite Bridal was recommended to us by quite a few friends who’d also chosen their dresses from there.  It was close to home, and the prices were really good.  We’d also seen a lot of the boutiques on social media, and the huge range of styles they had on offer!”

Gemma & Rebecca both decided they wanted to shop for their gown with Elite Bridal, but they didn’t want to see each other’s picks before the day – which complicated things slightly!

They arrived separately for their appointments, and our bridal advisors soon realised they might be in trouble… as both brides had very similar taste!

What was your experience with us like?


“A lot easier than I thought!  I was really apprehensive before I came to choose my dress, especially as there was so much choice.

“The dress I ended up buying was one I’d never have picked out for myself – my bridal advisor chose it for me and I loved it.  All the staff I spoke to were fabulous and really put me at ease.  I never felt rushed, and took all the time I needed to make sure the dress was perfect.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived, but the whole experience was great!  Myself and my mum felt at ease straight away.

“I quickly found several dresses I liked and randomly chose one to try on…  The first dress just so happened to be the one!

“As soon as I tried it on I knew, and my mum agreed.  I tried on more, but nothing compared – so in the end, the decision was easy.  People told me ‘you’ll know which dress is for you as soon as you try it on’ – I was so surprised they were right!

“The lady in the shop said the speed with which I chose my dress was record-breaking!  But after that, I didn’t want to look anywhere else.”

After making our hearts flutter a little with their very similar taste in bridal gowns, thankfully neither bride actually reached for the other’s chosen style while in our boutique!  Our bridal advisors were very grateful, as they were trying to steer Rebecca & Gemma without giving the game away…

The brides ended up choosing gowns which perfectly complemented each other on the day, and couldn’t believe how good their chosen dresses looked together – just one more sign that they were meant to be.

Tell us a bit more about your big day!


“It was perfect!  All the worries leading up to it were gone when the day finally came.

“When I saw Gemma in her dress, I gave myself a moment to think how in tune we were with each other.  She looked amazing, and her dress was perfect…

“We hadn’t chosen our dresses together, and didn’t want to see each other’s before the big day.  Elite Bridal were brilliant with this – they kept secret note of our dresses to make sure we didn’t pick the same gown, without giving it away!”


“Our wedding day was even more perfect than I could’ve dreamed.  The rain managed to stay away, so we got some lovely photos of the beautiful surroundings at Whitley Hall.

“We didn’t choose our dresses together, but we were surprised how similar the styles were we’d gone for!  They could not have been more perfect.

“Lots of guests commented on how amazing our dresses were, and how well they fitted with the theme of the wedding.”

We absolutely loved checking out Rebecca & Gemma’s gorgeous wedding pics, and wish them all the happiness in the world going forwards.

If you’re in search of your perfect gown, book your free bridal consultation now at – however tricky your situation, we’ll be overjoyed to help!

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