Last-minute dress drama

Although we normally advise allowing 6-8 weeks for fittings, we also pride ourselves on always being able to help a bride in need!

When the lovely Leanne came to us, she had just three weeks until her big day.  And she was desperate to find a dress…

Leanne had already visited other bridal stores with no joy, and when she arrived at our Castleford boutique she assumed she’d be turned away.  “It was very busy, and to be honest I thought we would have to come back,” says Leanne.  “But as soon as I told them the wedding date, they said, ‘You are not leaving without a dress!'”

Leanne had very good reason for leaving her dress hunt to the last possible minute.  Two years ago she lost a whopping 6st, but since then she and her family have faced some incredibly difficult years and Leanne put maintaining her weight loss on a backburner.

“I was so proud of myself for losing the weight – it was a massive achievement,” Leanne says.  “But since then my daughter has been diagnosed with scoliosis and is possibly facing surgery, and I myself had a cancer scare around 18 months ago.  With this and other things, the weight slowly crept back.

“This was probably the biggest reason I’d not even started looking for a dress – because my weight has been so up and down.”

Although Leanne has recently been on a weight loss kick again, she felt very self-conscious when she finally began dress shopping.

“I felt like a larger bride so I was very nervous about trying on dresses, but your staff were so reassuring.  I had more than enough choice in lots of different styles.  I went from dreading my wedding day to being so excited!”

After stressing about dress hunting for months, it took less than an hour for Leanne to find her dream dress in our Castleford boutique – and she looked incredible!

Luckily Leanne didn’t need many alterations, and her dress fit like a glove.  She made a truly beautiful Elite Bride – and finally stopped focusing on her weight!

“On my wedding day, I put on my gown and felt amazing.  It made my paranoia about my size go out the window.

“A wedding shouldn’t be about what size you are,” Leanne says.  “It should be all about the love between you and your partner.

“One day I’ll get that 6st back off, and once again I’ll be proud, but you never know what anyone is going through behind closed doors.  Life is a rollercoaster – you just have to ride it!”

With her look sorted – and a new outlook – Leanne soared into her big day (wearing the dress of her dreams) and found herself focusing on what really mattered… having the time of her life marrying the man she loves!

And Leanne is living proof that when you find your dress with Elite Bridal, it’s just the beginning.  We know that although it’s an amazing feeling when you find your dream dress, bringing your own personality to it is what really makes it yours…  Check out how she’s accessorised the gown’s beautiful embellished back with some amazing body paint!

Are you having fun accessorising your Elite gown?  Or perhaps you left your dress hunt to the last minute and would like to share your story?  We love hearing from Elite Brides and seeing pictures from your big day, so please share them with us!

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