Train Lengths

While you’re in the planning stage shopping for your wedding dress, stop and give some thought to whether you’d like a train. Even if you’re reasonably sure you don’t want one, you should try on at least one dress with a train so  you can rule it out.

We believe Trains add a touch of majesty to a wedding dress. Brides look and feel almost regal as they flow down the aisle with the train trailing behind them, trains can add dramatic feature to your dress, especially in your photos.

Often The brides dress can look similar to a bridesmaid dress therefore a train can easily identidy the bride.


       So you may ask what options of trains are there?

1. Sweep: Around six inches longer than the rest of the skirt, a sweep train is a subtle way to add an accent to a wedding gown. This style is a great choice for brides getting married outdoors or looking for a light and manageable gown. Your not the fussy bride but you do want a little bit of detail – Then this train is perfect for you.


2.Chapel: A chapel train is between 12-18 inches long and is the most common choice for brides. It adds just enough effect to the gown  without being too fussy. A chapel train looks beautiful on most wedding dresses.


3.Cathedral: At 22 or more inches long, cathedral trains are most popular for grand or dramatic venues.They look beautiful on ball gowns and A-line dresses, if your venue has the perfect staircaase or Beautifil acres of land then a catherdal train would be perfect.


And Last……


4.Royal/Monarch: The longest of the trains,extends a yard or more on the floor you’ll recognize a monarch train from the likes of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. A train so dramatic its bound to catch everyones eye. These Trains often require the assistance of flower girls or bridesmaids, so your getting the feel of how big we are talking.. Do also check your venue can accomadate your train down the aisle.


         Getting down the Aisle?

Whether your train is long or short, ask your bridesmaids or flowergirls to help you fluff it before you head down the aisle. So your ready! you start your walk down the aisle once you’re there, your maid of honor/bridesmaid should step out of line to arrange your train before the Service begins.

If your going to make the effort with having a train its always advised to make sure it looks its very best.

        What Do You Do With It After the Ceremony?

Once you’ve made your Grand entrance,  all that extra fabric can be a lot to handle, which is where bustles come in. A shorter train or a simple dress may have just a few buttons or ties to tuck up the extra fabric and make it the length you require,  while longer trains will have intricate bustles that get each layer properly folded and fluffed – Best to ask your bridal asvisor what bustle is best matched to your dress.

So your train’s up and its time to party! 


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