Unleash your inner princess!

When Katie came into our boutique, she had a clear picture of her dream dress in mind.

But, having already visited several other stores and tried on lots of bridal gowns, she was running out of steam by the time she came to Elite Bridal!

“Everywhere I’d been, I just didn’t seem to be finding what I was after,” Katie says.  But she wasn’t settling for a dress that didn’t give her the feeling.

Determined to find the dress of her dreams, Katie arrived at our boutique and began the process of whittling down dresses with her personal bridal advisor.

“When I came into Elite Bridal, my lovely bridal advisor said, ‘Why don’t you try this one?'”

Katie’s bridal advisor had picked out a big princess dress – not at all what Katie had spent all those shopping trips looking for.

“I was looking for a completely different dress,” Katie admits.  “I wasn’t sure a big dress would suit me.

“But I tried it on – and everyone started crying.”  Katie finally had the feeling she’d been waiting for.  “I knew straight away I’d found my dress.” 

To Katie’s delight, the gown she ended up falling in love with worked perfectly for her wedding and venue.

“The lights on the dancefloor picked out all the sparkles in my dress,” says Katie.  “Everyone thought it was beautiful – and the train was so stunning.

“It even worked with the surprise dance I’d planned!”

Even though Katie walked out of our boutique with a dress so unlike the one she’d originally pictured, she now can’t imagine getting married in anything other than her sparkly princess gown.

“Our wedding day was just amazing.  It was such a magical day, and I wish I could do it all over again.

“Thank you to all the Elite Bridal staff, who were so welcoming and helpful, for helping me find my perfect dress.”

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